Our Process

Fee Structure

Our fees are based on client-side representation and successfully completed assignments and/or hires. When clients retain us, or hire us on contract, they want performance within a specified time period. This requires us to commit our time and resources to them exclusively on a daily basis. Contract Search for recruiting, as committed client projects, require an initial investment because time and material costs are associated with starting up and conducting any search assignment. Contingent Search however involves opportunity hires that do not require an initial investment.



We offer warranties on candidates based upon the working relationship with the Client Company. Generally these run 30 days for unconditional replacement if a candidate leaves or must be terminated. We will warrant candidates longer only on a prorated fee basis and only based upon strong relationship with a client company. We also offer extended payment for a surcharge that effectively extends our usual warranty up to 180 days on a case-by-case basis.


Average Completion Time On A Search Assignment

We generally allow 30-60 days to produce candidates for a Retained Search or Contract Search for either business opportunities or staffing.  Contract Search generally moves at a faster clip due to multiple positions offered. Contingent Search will be completed even more rapidly as job-ready candidates are presented to client companies for currently open positions.  

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